Measurement Capabilities

We propose different types of measurements for different needs. Use our contact form if you have any questions regarding our measurement capabilities.
Section I. presents our measurement capabilities in terms of materials appearance and Section II. presents our tools accurate color calibration of images and renders.

I. Materials optical characterization


Specular reflection


Material BRDF and/or BTDF in visible light and in the near-infrared domain. Radiance ratio in the specular direction as a function of the incidence angle. Sparkles chartacteristics in glistering materials such as metallic car paints.
high angular precision
captures all optical phenomena
from 0° to 90° sparkle density and angular width histogram
– suits best homogeneous materials
– backscattering can be discussed
– homogeneous materials with clearcoat or polished surface
– transparent polished materials
– materials with small reflective flakes
– colored sparkles can be discussed

Refractive index

Normal-map and models maps

Other specific needs ?

Complex refractive index
ñ(λ) = n(λ)+i k(λ)
Normal-map and materials models maps (diffuse, roughness, …). Please tell us more about your needs and we will discuss solutions.
resolution up to to 30 µm/pixel
XYZ, RGB or spectral base-color, optimized for the illuminant
– for non-translucent materials with parallel polished surfaces – multiple materials models


Coming soon

We are working on various other optical characteristics of mateirals such as the ones presented below.

Diffraction Polarisation Anisotropy Fluorescence Phosphorescence

II. Color calibration

We also propose different solutions to obtain calibrated XYZ images. More information to come.